Moving Up Program for Incoming Dartmouth College Faculty & Staff

Incoming Dartmouth College Faculty & Staff

At Dartmouth College, faculty and staff are our most valuable asset.
The ability to be successful and make an immediate impact in a new
position can be directly affected by the ability to relocate quickly
and smoothly. With this in mind, Dartmouth Real Estate has engaged
the services of Coldwell Banker Lifestyles, Title Mortgage and
Hanover Transfer & Storage to assist with the details of moving to
the Upper Valley.

Through the Moving Up Program, a designated Concierge is available
to answer any questions and to coordinate a variety of services needed
throughout the entire relocation process. Services include assistance
with finding a real estate agent, coordination of local real estate and area
tours, cost saving benefits, and local vendor referrals and contact
information. Through the Moving Up Program, Dartmouth Real Estate
hopes to ensure that both incoming and current Dartmouth College
faculty and staff members receive the support and resources necessary
to assist with relocation and the home buying process.

Dartmouth Moving Up Program for Incoming Faculty & Staff

Get the process started by contacting the program Concierge at or (603) 643-6406.  You can also view the Coldwell Banker Lifestyles website -

Cost Savings Benefits of Moving Up Program

Rebate from Coldwell Banker Lifestyles:

Purchase Price                              Rebate

  • $50,000-99,999                      $300
  • $100,000-199,999                  $400
  • $200,000-299,999                  $625
  • $300,000-399,999                  $875
  • $400,000-499,999                  $1,125
  • $500,000-599,999                  $1,375
  • $600,000-699,999                  $1,625
  • $700,000-799,999                  $1,875
  • $800,000-899,999                  $2,125
  • $900,000-999,999                  $2,375
  • $1,000,000 and up                  Rebate increases by $250 for each add’l $100,000.

Closing Cost Credit from Title Mortgage:

Loan Amount                                Credit at Closing

  • $50,000-199,999                   $300
  • $200,000-299,999                 $400
  • $300,000-399,999                 $600
  • $400,000-499,999                 $800
  • $500,000+                             $1,000

Savings on Moves from Hanover Transfer & Storage:

  • A 55% discount off all tariff moves (over 50 miles).
  • Example: Federal registered tariff chart rates move at $10,000.
  • Discount of $5,500 taken, cost of move $4,500. Applies to all tariff moves. Local rates would apply for local moves.

Moving Up Concierge Program

The Coldwell Banker Lifestyles Concierge is a full-time position devoted to helping new and returning customers with their real estate needs. Program benefits include:

  • We organize a local tour for prospective employees
  • and family members
  • Consultation on local schools and childcare services
  • Free use of our 14 foot courtesy moving van(30 mile radius)
  • Access to qualified vendor lists including: plumbers, electricians, cleaners, chefs, carpenters and more
  • Free use of our board rooms, notary and technology services
  • Special promotions from local businesses