The residential portfolio of Dartmouth’s Real Estate Office (REO) serves the Dartmouth College community by offering residential rental housing units to College employees and graduate students. Rental housing for graduate students is intended to offer housing while full-time graduate students pursue their degree from Dartmouth, while Rental housing for employees is intended to offer short-term, transitional housing for full-time, benefits-eligible and current Dartmouth College faculty, staff and post-doc fellows.

Employee tenants are encouraged to find alternative rental housing after a three-year period in order to maintain an available pool of housing for newer incoming employees. Employees living continuously in Dartmouth REO housing for three or more years will be charged a rent surcharge beginning the year after their third year. The initial rent surcharge is equal to 10% of the base rent, with the surcharge increasing by 10% for each year thereafter (20%, then 30% and so on) that the employee is a tenant in any Dartmouth Real Estate housing. The rent surcharge is in addition to any other increases in base rent. Typically, base rent is increased an average of 2-5% annually, at the time of lease renewal. 

The only exception to the rent surcharge is for junior faculty members in a tenure-track position. These employees may continue occupancy without the rent surcharge only until the first lease renewal following the date the employee is notified of the College’s decision regarding their tenure.

Residential units that are rented by College departments on behalf of visiting faculty and staff members are subject to market rent rates at all times.


The Real Estate Office adheres to Dartmouth College's Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination policy. Local landlords who choose to post their private properties on this website must also agree to adhere to this policy.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Any rents or fees paid by credit are subject to a 3% processing fee, due at the time of payment.  The Real Estate Office charges customers the 3% processing fee for using a credit card because our office has to pay fees to accept credit card transactions, thus resulting in a loss of the intended rent or fee revenue on our end.