One South Main Street House Rules

1 South Main Street Housing Rules

LIVING AT One South Main Street Residence

With its location at the corner of Main and Wheelock Streets across from the Hanover Inn - which for many is a perfect blend of on and off campus housing - and with exceptional common spaces and a full kitchen, One South Main Street offers a unique co-ed living opportunity for Dartmouth Graduate students.  The facility can comfortably house up to 12 - 16 students.


While One South Main Street is technically a privately-owned facility that Dartmouth leases, all residents are covered by Dartmouth's standards for residential life - particularly with regard for housekeeping and safety requirements. You can find a copy of those rules here:


For your personal safety and for the safety of your fellow residents, the front and side doors have been fitted with punch-key combination locks for day-to-day entrance. The combination will be changed periodically with notice to all residents. Please do not share this code with non-residents.

Each resident, on moving in, receives a key that will open only his/her bedroom door. That key should not be duplicated. The housing office has master keys for all locks. If you are locked out, please call. Do not attempt a forced entry of a locked door. Additionally, please keep valuables under lock and key.  

Although the building at One South Main Street is covered under the Dartmouth's group fire and accident policy, this policy does not cover loss and damage to your personal property.  You must provide a Certificate of Insurance for your personal contents – (This can be added to a family homeowners' policy or other renter's policy).

Should you wish to use the basement storage, we require that you give a copy of the key for any lock to the Real Estate Office so that we are not required to cut the lock if we need to access the space and cannot find you.  To mitigate possible risk of damage to your property, we advise you to store your belongings up off of the basement floor. 


Remember that this building is a shared space that is home to a variety of people whose personal sense of health & security may be affected in ways that yours is not - aim to be supportive of each person's need for safe space. Be there to greet your guests and encourage use of the doorbell.

In the same vein, please note that we do not allow pets in the house because of the unique combination of damage, liability, and health hazards that are associated with animals but are difficult to track and remedy.

Please also note that One South Main Street is a beautiful example of early 19th century brick architecture, the last of its kind in downtown Hanover. However, it is also subject to the weaknesses of an old structure. We work to keep this unique building in exceptional repair, but, unavoidably, the basement may occasionally leak, and heating pipes may creak.


Weekly cleaning service of common areas is provided with Shaft and Karen Slayton typically visiting the house on Fridays. Beyond this service, we hope that each of you will take some pride in living at One South Main Street and do your part to help maintain the home as well.

Specifically, we ask that all residents contribute to housekeeping by completing certain household chores such as making sure that:

  • the kitchen/ dining areas remain tidy,
  • refrigerators are cleared of expired food,
  • generated garbage/ recycling is disposed of responsibly,
  • spills are tended to prevent staining etc.

These steps prevent pests and terrifying mold specimens in the refrigerators. Please also take care to clean up after any meetings or events that you host in the house.

We share the cost of collection from the dumpsters in the back left-hand corner of the parking lot that is south of One South Main Street. All of your non-recyclable garbage should be deposited frequently into those dumpsters. Use of this facility is also shared with occupants of the buildings to the south (Davidson Building). Please be good neighbors. Please put recycling out on the West Wheelock side of the house by 7am on Mondays for Hanover curbside pickup.

One of the residents will be selected as housing manager and will set up rotating assignments to ensure that work is fairly distributed by all members of the house and to add compassionate accountability for completing these tasks.  This responsibility does offer a 25% credit towards rent.

We also ask that you avoid using adhesives that could damage the walls when making the space your own.


Over the years, some residents will use One South Main Street on occasion for meetings or even larger events.  While we applaud this spirit of community, we do ask that you coordinate with other residents any time that you plan to host an event for which a specified invite list has not been created and agreed to in advance by all residents.  Also, please be sensitive to our neighbors and friends in Hanover. 

Rules for any such gatherings should be set in advance at a meeting of all residents at the start of each term.  The housing manager can help facilitate this. Clean up should be prompt, as it would be if you were hosting in your own home. 

These steps help ensure appropriate sensitivity to the safety, quiet enjoyment, privacy, and unique needs of all.  Your safety, security, and comfort in One South Main Street are a top priority for us.


Smoke detectors/sprinklers are installed on all floors of the building. They are connected to the Hanover Dispatch Center and should be reset ONLY by the Hanover Fire Department. In addition, hand-operated fire extinguishers are sited on every floor, in wall niches and free-standing. Please familiarize yourselves with their locations.

Exit signs are marked and residents are encouraged to establish escape procedures from all floors. The Hanover Fire Department will conduct a fire drill each term and is available to give advice on request.

As part of fire safety we also note that nothing should be stored, even temporarily, in the halls. This includes both bicycles and shoes. All personal belongings should be kept in bedrooms or in basement cages.

Please note that the fireplaces at One South Main Street are no longer functional due to their advanced age.


The amounts of electricity and oil that are used in the building each year are major cost and greenhouse-gas contributors. You can help by turning off unneeded lights, closing windows during the heating season, and turning thermostats down to minimum comfort levels. Other conservation measures are encouraged.



There are modular metal bike racks in Old Nugget Alley and on the Wheelock Street (north) side of One South Main Street. The rack in Old Nugget Alley is to be shared with the community and the rack on Wheelock Street is for use by residents. Beyond this, hooks in the boiler room allow bikes to be hung up in snowbound season.  Please DO NOT:

  • Park bicycles in the hallways, even in bad weather;
  • Chain them to the fence around One South Main Street;
  • Leave them on the front porch.


Although One South Main Street actually owns Old Nugget Alley, this ownership is subject to an easement for limited use by the landowner and retailers adjoining it to the south (i.e. the Davidson Building), and we do not allow cars or trucks to be parked in the Alley, except for temporary (<1 hour) pickups and deliveriesPlease always leave a note on your dashboard that includes your cell number.


Please notify Work Control of any non-emergency, major repairs that need to be made in the house. For emergencies, please see the last page of the manual for phone numbers and provide notice to the Real Estate Office as soon as can reasonably be expected given the circumstances.


Personal/Medical Emergencies:

Hanover Police


Hanover Fire


Hanover Ambulance


Safety and Security


Dick's House


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Med Ctr.


Structural/Physical Plant Problems:

Non-emergency maintenance work orders can be submitted anytime via our website under the tab for Tenant Services at

For any emergency work orders (i.e. no heat/hot water, burst pipe, leak, etc.) please call the College Heating Plant/Troubleshooters at (603) 646-2344 for assistance (they are open outside of our business hours).

If they are unavailable, reach out to:

Shaft & Karen Slayton: 603-443-3803 (Maintenance / Weekly cleaning)

Heating Problems: 888-310-1924 (Irving Energy)

Plumbing Problems: 603-643-4333 (Dickinson and Son)