Rennie Farm


Rennie Farm, a 223-acre parcel of land located at 572 Hanover Center Road, was acquired by Dartmouth College in 1965. For about a decade ending in 1978, a quarter- to half-acre plot on the farm was used as a state- and federal-licensed burial site for the remains of small research animals from the Dartmouth Medical School. In addition, the remains of human cadavers donated for medical school classes were buried in a small protected cemetery near the animal burial site. In 2011 Dartmouth excavated and remediated the animal burial site and removed associated hazardous chemical waste in accordance with plans approved by the state of New Hampshire.

Testing and Treatment

During 2012 ongoing monitoring of groundwater 1,4 dioxane was detected at a concentration exceeding the NH groundward standards. Working with the DES and in accordance with State environmental requirements, Dartmouth conducted an extensive phased investigation and constructed a groundwater treatment system at the site related to the 1,4 dioxane. Treatment and extensive monitoring of the area continues. Since the original detection in 2012, no other non-naturally occurring contaminants have been detected in excess of NH Groundwater Standards.

Commitment and Current Use

Dartmouth is committed to remediate the contaminated area and complete the cleanup as effectively and expeditiously as possible. Today, this multi-use property is a wildlife corridor used by the public for recreation, hunting, research and conservation.

Additional information

This website is intended to share with the community the history of Rennie Farm, the actions taken to address the contamination, the results of monitoring groundwater on an ongoing basis, and the status of the remediation efforts. We encourage landowners in the neighborhood, prospective purchasers, real estate agents, and the community, to review the information gathered here to better understand the current circumstances in the neighborhood.

  • Informational Links including public communication, site maps, photographs, and other site documents
  • Value Assurance Program (VAP): this program has been initiated to stabilize the real estate market in the Rennie Farm neighborhood and assure property owners in the program area that they would be paid fair market value for their property consistent with the VAP requirements.